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Senseur pour le sol avec Wi-Fi Environnement

Senseur pour le sol avec Wi-Fi

Fabricant :Stevens
Modèle :POGO

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The Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Wireless Soil Sensor puts the power of the popular Stevens Hydra Probe in the palm of your hand andallows for easy soil measurement anywhere. 


Using built in Wi-Fi the POGO connects wirelessly with your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android smart phones and tablets to collect soil data using the free Stevens HydraMon App, available for download from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace (search “Stevens Water” or “HydraMon” to find the app).


Using the Stevens POGO, you’re free to take soil measurements anywhere at any time, without the time requirements of setting up a permanent soil monitoring system.


With the Stevens HydraMon App taking soil readings is easy. Simply insert the probe  end
of the POGO into the soil, select the correct soil type from the menu, and tap the “Sample” button on your Apple/Android device’s screen.


The App will display soil temperature, conductivity and dielectric permittivity on-screen for
immediate viewing. The user also has the option to log with time and date stamp all sensor
measurements to a file with optional GPS location coordinates also recorded. Saved data can then be easily sent via email as a CSV file for further analysis.


The POGO features a rugged, anodized aluminum housing that contains a rechargeable
battery pack that powers the Hydra Probe. The POGO also has an LCD screen that indicates battery voltage as well as an on/off switch.


• Instantly measure soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and temperature
• Simply insert the probe into soil and click “Sample” on the screen
• Optimize soil analysis, watering and fertilization
• Enables measurement of native (undisturbed) soil
• Low risk: ten years of field-proven science
• Performs well in high-salinity soil
• Easier monitoring of remote sites


• Works with Apple and Android Products
• Wireless Wi-Fi communication
• Instantaneous sensor response
• Rechargeable AA internal batteries
• Battery voltage indicator screen
• No calibration for most soils
• Custom calibration available for peat, grain, and organic soil
• Compact & rugged for years of use
• Email / Export data and view in Excel or other programs for advanced analysis
• The only portable soil sensor that measures both components of the complex dielectric permittivity


• Spot checking of soil
• Golf & sports turf management
• Precision agriculture/fertigation
• Greenhouse applications
• Agriculture research
• Watershed management
• Academic and classroom use
• Laboratory research


Logged Soil Measurement Parameters
1. Date
2. Time
3. Soil Type
4. Location
5. Coordinates
6. Soil Temp (C)
7. Soil Temp (F)
8. Soil Moisture
9. Soil Electrical Conductivity
10. Soil Electrical Conductivity (temperature compensated)
11. Real Dielectric Permittivity
12. Real Dielectric Permittivity (temperature compensated)
13. Imaginary Dielectric Permittivity
14. Imaginary Dielectric Permittivity (temperature compensated)
15. Diode Temperature
16. Voltage 1
17. Voltage 2
18. Voltage 3
19. Voltage 4
20. Voltage 5


Typical Measurements Range Accuracy
Dielectric Permittivity 1 to 80 where 1 = air
80 = distilled water
± 1.5% or 0.2 whichever is
typically greater
Soil Moisture
for inorganic & mineral soil
From completely dry to fully
> ± 0.03 water fraction by
volume max in typical soil
Conductivity 0.01 to 1.5 S/m  ± 2.0% or 0.005 S/m
whichever is typically
Temperature -10° to +55° C ± 0.1° C


Ordering Informations
Cat. No Description
93633-002GR Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Soil Sensor, Green
93633-002BL Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Soil Sensor, Black
93633-002RD Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Soil Sensor, Red
93633-002BU Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Soil Sensor, Blue
93633-002CL Stevens Wi-Fi POGO Portable Soil Sensor, finished aluminium


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