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Système de transmission de l’humidité et de la température

Système de transmission de l’humidité et de la température

Modèle :HygroDat 100-EC

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Novasina is one of the leading companies for precise relative humidity and temperature measurement. Thanks to an intense and efficient research and development in air humidity and water activity measurement, Novasina’s own built sensors offer an extraordinary values in accuracy, long term stability as well as robustness. Such measurement sensors are the heart of the measuring system that has been built especially for industrial application. The versatile HygroDat 100-EC detects by a remote sensor the actual relative air humidity and temperature value and converts them into an analogue or digital signal. The very performing micro processor enables as well the calculation and output of other climate parameters such as dew point, enthalpy, mixing ration etc.. The whole system has been built with an open system architecture what makes it very flexible. For the first time ever, the HygroDat 100-EC offers the possibility to measure the relative humidity using two different measurement principles. For it, depending on the application, 5 different sensor types are available. A clearly arranged 2 line LCDisplay as well as an intuitive menu complete the system. The ergonomic design allows an employment even under difficult conditions. Fast, robust, accurate Thanks to the continuous development of measurement sensors, Novasina is able to offer high precision measuring instruments with outstanding technical features at attractive price levels. The sensors can be installed up to 30m respectively 100m, depending on the version, from the transmitter. For testing and adjustment purposes, the wellproven Novasina SC humidity standards, based on saturated salt solutions can be used. Various, easy to call functions support the service and mounting personnel during their work. The complete system can be calibrated and adjusted on site up to 5 humidity points.

Main Features
  • Highest accuracy
  • Highest repeatability
  • Easy installation, starting up and service
  • Menu driven service tools
  • 5 different remote probes for various applications
  • 2 configurable analogue output signals
  • 2 line LC-Display SI units US / ISO
  • Climate parameter calculation functions: dew point, enthalpy, mixing ratio
  • 5 point humidity calibration
  • Fieldbus CAN or RS-232 data interface
  • Calibration alarm for quality insurance


  • Industrial HVAC plants
  • Clean rooms, pharmaceutical-, chemicaland semicon industry
  • Health care (hospitals)
  • Paper- and textile industry
  • Meteorological data acquisition
  • Archives, museums, warehouses, cultural protection, agriculture
  • Combustion-process control
  • Drying processes


Technical Data


Order information
Transmitter Article No.
HygroDat 100/24V with polycarbonate housing 111 6930
HygroDat 100/230V with polycarbonate housing 111 6931
HygroDat 100/24V with aluminium housing 111 6932
HygroDat 100/230V with aluminium housing 111 6933
Sensor probe ( E = electrolytic ) Type
E-Sensor with polycarbonate shaft HIA-11......13
E-Sensor with stainless steel shaft HIS-11......13
Novasina humidity measuring cell (electrolytic) CC - 1
Sensor probe ( C = digital capacitive ) Type
C-Sensor with polycarbonate shaft HIC-11......13
C-Sensor with stainless steel shaft HICS-11....13
C-Sensor with stainless steel shaft (high temperature) HICH-11....13
Novasina humidity measuring cell (dig. capacitive) DCC - 1


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