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Détecteur à infrarouge passif pour piéton, ASIM de Xtralis détecteur de traffic Modèle IR 308

Détecteur à infrarouge passif pour piéton, ASIM de Xtralis détecteur de traffic

Modèle :IR 308

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Operating Principle
The dynamic ASIM Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector IR 308 is designed for the detection of pedestrians for the extension of the pedestrian green phase in traffic dependent intersection controls. It detects people, animals and objects in its volumetric detection area by their movement and positive or negative temperature contrast against the background. In standard mode the detector generates output pulses as long as movement of people or vehicles is detected within the field of view. When the movement stops, the output will reset. For more details, see “Output Configuration”.


Product Highlightse

• The spray proof, rugged housing of anodised aluminium protects the detector against the harshest environmental conditions.

• Slightest positive or negative changes of thermal radiation caused by movements in the field of view are sufficient for detection.

• The differential electronic circuit detects the movements of all kinds of moving objects. Temperature changes of the road surface are cancelled.

• The precisely defined fi eld of view allows detection within an area of 8 x 10 metres.

• A standard mounting U-shaped bar is supplied for quick, stable and versatile installation.

• Passive detection of naturally existing temperature radiation eliminates interference between neighbouring units and potential health hazard



• Easy installation and maintenance

• Low power consumption • Small and rugged housing



Field of View



Technical Specifications
Order Information
Order Number IR 308-919
Housing Aluminium, nat. anodised
Bracket Stainless Steel V2A
Weight App. 660 g (1.5 lbs), incl. mounting bracket
Cable Feeds 1 x M12
Outer Cable Diameter: 4.5 … 7.0 mm (0.18 … 0.28”)
Sensors Pyroelectric, differential single channel
Spectral Response 8 … 14 μm
Supply Voltage 10.5 … 30 V DC / 24 V AC / 48 V AC (± 10%)
Current Consumption Typ. 20 mA @ 12 V DC (regular operation)
Typ. 10 mA @ 12 V DC (low power mode)
Alarm Relay Output SPDT rated max 60 W / 250 V AC / 1000 mA
Transistor Output Open collector NPN, 30 V DC, max. 50 mA
Turn-on Time Typ. 30 s from power on
Wiring Terminal Block 0.34 mm2 … 1.5 mm2 (AWG 22 … 16)
Operating temp. - 40°C … + 75°C
Humidity 95% RH max.
Sealing IP 67 temporal immersion proof



Output configuration
The output offers a relay and open collector transistor (OC). The signals can be output on the relay or the OC or on both. The following configurations can be set per software:


Intersection Control
Versions IR 308-919 Pedestrian detection 10 m
Technologies Passive infrared
Application Free moving, heavy or stationary traffic overland and in cities up to 250 km / h
Features Traffic lights control via temperature contrast recognition lane selective vehicle versions volumetric pedestrian version
Software interface RS 485 communication for configuration, commissioning and real time analysis
Power supply 10.5 - 30 V DC / 24 V AC / 48 V AC (± 10%)
Current consumption standby: 7 mA @ 12 V DC
typ. operation: 15 mA @12V DC
Range 1 m - 50 m
Accuracy Counting typ. ± 3%
Speed range 0 - 250 km / h
Relay output Max. switchable power: 60 W bzw. 125 VA
max. switchable current: 1 A
max. switchable voltage: 250 VDC resp. 300 V AC
Transistor output Open Collector NPN, 30 V DC, max. 50 mA
Operational temperature – 40°C up to + 75°C
Humidity 95 % RH max.



Dimensions [mm] Electrical Connections



The integrated mounting bracket allows for a stable and safe installation on flat surfaces. It is designed for easy mounting while providing the necessary flexibility to properly aim the detector to the target area. For pole mounting we recommend one of the following accessories.


Mounting Brackets ZA P L1 / ZA V 201
Universal bracket with steel bands for mounting the detector directly (ZA P L1) or with a 20 cm lever (ZA V 201) onto all kinds of poles and overarms with a diameter of 40 mm - 160 mm
ZA P L1 ZA V 201



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