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Débitmètre et instrument de lecture électronique

Débitmètre et instrument de lecture électronique

Modèle :2135 et 2031

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The Model 2135 is a real time, hand held microprocessor controlled data acquisition unit. When used in conjunction with the Model 2031H electronic flowmeter, the unit receives the flow rate pulses and calculates the fluid velocity based on a highly stable crystal controlled time base. The well defined characteristics of the Model 2031H and the stable data acquisition time base forgoes the necessity of repeated, time consuming calibration procedures. The large two line LCD displays the selected impeller type, either high speed (H) or low speed (L) and the real time fluid velocity on the top line. The velocity measurement is displayed in either centimeters/second, meters/second, feet/second or Knots. The impeller type and the velocity units of measure are easily changed by the setting of a user accessible DIP Switch.

The microprocessor also uses the fluid velocity value or distance in real time. A large, multifunction, push button switch conveniently placed on the top panel is used to initiate the elapsed time counter and the accumulated distance calculation.

Activating the push button again causes the microprocessor to stop the elapsed time counter or distance and to display the last velocity measurement, and total distance calculation. These values are displayed (locked) on the LCD until the push button is activated again. This option also allows the user to log the real time velocity and distance information via computer. The unit also monitors the battery voltage and informs the user when to change batteries.

Model 2031H serie electronic flowmeter specifications
Weight in Air  225g (8oz)
Weight in Water  113 grams (4 ounces)
Materials  Celcon rotor. Nickel-plated brass nose cone. Polycarbonate body. Armaloyed stainless steel main rotor and idler gear shafts.
Dimensions  21.3 cm (8 3/8") overall length.
Standard rotor diameter  6.98 cm (2 3/4").
Low-speed rotor diameter  16.5 cm (6 1/2").
Depth Rating  Unlimited (free flooding).
Data Readout Six 10-digit counter wheels reading 000000 to 999999. Ten counts per rotor revolution, non-resetting. Read by noting difference in beginning and end readings. (counter advances through 000000).
6-Digit Full Scale Counter  999999 counts equals approximately 14.5 nautical miles.
Mounting Universal bridle allowing single-point connection for towing or two-point connection within net mouth.
Response with Standard Rotor (Model 2031H) Threshold  Approximately 10 cm/sec (1/5 knot).
Range Approximately 10 cm/sec (1/5 knot) to 7.9 meters/sec (15 knots).
Response with Optional Rotor (Model 2031HR6) Threshold  Approximately 6 cm/sec (3/25 knot).
Range  Approximately 6 cm/sec (3/25 knot) to 100 cm/sec (approximately 6 knots).


Model 2135 Data Readout Specifications
Start/Stop: Instrument powered up when flowmeter cable is plugged in.

Push button when pressed resets the elapsed time counter and starts real time calculation of speed, distance and volume. When pulled again freezes the calculation on the display.
Dimensions (HxWxD) 
  • Height: 22.8 cm (9.0 in.)
  • Width: 11.4 cm (4.5 in.)
  • Depth: 4.4 cm (1.75 in.)
  • Weight: 0.45kg (1 lb)
Data Readout

Two line, 32 character, high contrast super twist LCD. The display indicates the following:

  • Impeller - high or low speed,
  • Velocity - 0 to 9999 cm/sec, m/sec, ft/sec or knots, Total Distance - 0 to 17,400 meters
    and Elapsed time - 9hrs : 59 minutes 59 seconds.
Housing Circuitry contained within a Waterproof (NEMA 4) ABS housing with nylon carrying strap. Weight .96 kgs (2.1 Ibs) - Including four 1.5 volt AA batteries for up 150 hours continuous use.


Standard rotor
Low velocity rotor


Wading Rod
Optional telescoping wading rod 3 to 9 ft. (1 to 2.8m)


Cat. No. Description
2031H Standard order includes standard rotor, universal bridle and "pigtail"
(short length of cable and underwater connector for connection to readout cable)
2031HR6 Standard order includes low speed rotor, universal bridle and "pigtail"
(short length of cable and underwater connector for connection to readout cable)
2135 Electronic Flowmeter and Programmable Display
203021 Standard rotor
203026 Low velocity rotor
2030W Optional telescoping wading rod 3 to 9 ft. (1 to 2.8m)


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