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Enregistreur de température et de profondeur DST

Enregistreur de température et de profondeur DST

Fabricant :Star Oddi
Modèle :DST

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Star-Oddi is a leading edge manufacturer of equipment for ocean and freshwater research, specializing in the design of scientific equipment based on microelectronics and sensors.

High emphasis is put on developing equipment that can be used to protect, restore and manage the aquatic environments through ecosystem-based management. Burst measurements are a new feature in the latest version. With burst measurements, the user has the option of programming the logger to take 10 measurements every second (every 100 milliseconds). The burst measurements are especially useful for researchers analysing specific events, for example tidal waves.


Data Storage Tag (DSTs)

DSTs are originally developed for tagging fish and other animals living in saline and fresh waters. DSTs are used in analyzing e.g. the tagged animal’s migration, distribution, feeding and spawning behavior, vertical/horizontal movements or geographic location. The loggers can be fastened externally or implanted in the animal. The DST housing is made of alumina, a biocompatible ceramic material that is not recognized as a foreign body by the animal’s organism. DSTs can also be used as standalone loggers for environmental monitoring or attached to fishing gear and other underwater equipment. All measured data is stored in the logger’s internal memory. When the logger is recovered after the measuring period, recorded data is uploaded in the supporting SeaStar software where it can be viewed and analyzed in graphic and tabular form. The same logger can be reused as long as the battery lasts. For recapture purposes customers can define their own text on the logger housing, giving information on e.g. where to return the tag, reward (if any), etc. If tagged internally, Star-Oddi can deliver the tag with a colorful plastic tube attached. The external plastic tube can easily be identified by e.g. fishermen.

Product Family

The DST product family features three different sizes: centi, milli and micro. The DST loggers vary in size, memory size, battery life and sensors.


SeaStar (for Windows©) is the graphic supporting software for all Star-Oddi loggers. The user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval in SeaStar before starting the recorder. Sampling interval can be set in second(s), minute(s) and/or hour(s).

With default programming all parameters are recorded at the same time. Optionally, it is possible to define different sampling intervals for the parameters (primary and secondary parameters/parameter pairs with different sampling frequency). With this option memory partitioning can be customized according to individual preferences.

DSTs can also be programmed with up to 7 different sampling intervals. These intervals can then be defined in a preferred order within a measurement sequence. Number of measurements is defined for each interval. The measurement sequence is repeated until the memory is full or the logger retrieved. Programming several sampling intervals in a sequence can be useful when more/fewer measurements are needed at certain time periods.

After recovering the DST(s), recorded data is uploaded in SeaStar, where the results can be analyzed in graphic and tabular form along with date and time. The logger can be reprogrammed and reused as long as the battery lasts. Data can be retrieved even after the logger’s battery is empty.

Communication Box

The Communication Box works as an interface for data transfer between the DSTs and a PC. Communication between a DST and the Communication Box is wireless. The Communication Box is connected to a PC using either a USB or RS-232C 9 pin serial cable. When a logger is connected to a PC the logger is powered through the Communication Box and is not using its internal battery. 

Other Aceesories

There is a wide range of accessories for Star-Oddi products available. For fish and other animal tagging we provide special fastening and tag holder kits that make the tagging process easier and safer. When DSTs are used as standalone loggers in harsh environments it is advised to use protective housings to protect the loggers from knocks and dents. Star-Oddi offers plastic protective housings for all logger sizes. Star-Oddi also manufactures a special adjustable protective housing especially designed for DSTs with tilt and magnetic field strength sensors.

DSTs are being used in various fields and studies, such as:

  • Oceanography
  • Marine biology
  • Ichthyology
  • Limnology
  • Hydrology
  • Geology
  • Tagging projects (fish, crustaceans, turtles, birds, etc.)
  • Aquaculture projects
  • Studies on underwater equipment

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