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Instrument de mesure du niveau de l'eau

Instrument de mesure du niveau de l'eau

Modèle :Ecotone® WM

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The Ecotone WM is a specially designed, battery powered, instrument for the measurement of shallow ground and surface water levels. This unique device combines the data logger, water level sensor and custom well screen in one package. The compact PVC data logger housing is o-ring sealed to provide the Ecotone WM with an IP67 rating. In addition, the low profile dust cover helps protect the data port from small wildlife and weather damage. Packaged with these features are a very low power circuit and an industrial lithium battery which creates an instrument with exceptional battery life. As many of our customers have already experienced, the Ecotone WM is truly unique in the world of monitoring instrumentation!

  • Sensor Range: 0.5 meter (20"), 1 meter (40") and 2 meter (80").
  • Powered by (1) 2/3AA industrial lithium battery.
  • Housing is O-ring sealed and connector pins are insert molded for greater water resistance.
  • Tight fitting low profile dust cover for better protection against small wildlife damage.
  • Records water levels in inch, cm or mm units.
  • Accuracy: +/-3mm / 0.1 in @ 71° F to 73° F.
  • Resolution: +/-1mm, +/-0.1 cm or +/-0.1 in, depending on selected measurement units.
  • Records 16,000 water level measurements in flash memory.
  • Made in North Carolina, USA by Remote Data Systems, Inc.


  • (1) water level instrument
  • (1) Well screen assembly
  • (1) Pre-installed Battery


  • Ecotone WM 0.5 meter - model #: WM16k0515 - part #: 7000-0040-00
  • Ecotone WM 1 meter - model #: WM16k1015 - part #: 7000-0042-00
  • Ecotone WM 2 meter - model #: WM16k2030 - part #: 7000-0044-00


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