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Montage de couvercle pour puit

Montage de couvercle pour puit

Fabricant :Solinst
Modèle :3001

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The Model 3001 Well Cap Assembly is designed to fit 2" wells, and provides options for installing Leveloggers with wireline, Kevlar rope, or using a Direct Read Cable.

The well cap base provides a tight friction fit onto the well casing. The cap is secured to the base with a twist lock. For further security, a 3/8” (9.5mm) shackle diameter lock can be used. The Well Cap is vented to allow for the equalization of barometric pressure in the well.

Users can choose to permanently secure the PVC Well Cap to the well casing, using three screw points on the inner shoulder of the Well Cap Base.

Direct Read Cable Installation

To install using a Direct Read Cable, lower the Levelogger with the Direct Read Cable through one opening in the insert.

Note: The insert has openings to hold two dataloggers in the same well.

Wireline/Kevlar Rope Suspension

For wireline or Kevlar rope suspension, simply use the suspension hook on the underside of the insert to secure the Levelogger to one Well Cap.

4” Well Cap Reducer

If installing Leveloggers in a 4” well, a reducer assembly is available. (#110235)
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