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Colorimètre de poche Pocket Colorimeter II pour les phosphates

Colorimètre de poche pour les phosphates

Fabricant :Hach
Modèle :Pocket Colorimeter II

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All Pocket Colorimeter II Instruments offer benefits for easy handling and testing wherever you are -- field, lab, or plant floor.

  • Lanyard

Added feature keeps cap and colorimeter together. No more worrying about lost caps.

  • Rugged Construction

Tough, impact-resistant shell protects electronics and optics, for years of trouble-free operation.

  • Waterproof

IP67 rating: the Pocket Colorimeter II can remain submerged at 1 meter for 30 minutes and still function properly. And the instrument is designed to float!

  • Datalogging/Recall

Record 10 most recent data points, along with time of measurement. No more manual record keeping, no hassle with carrying paper and pen.

  • Range Indicator

Indicates instrument range, or parameter being tested. Thanks to improved optics, measurement can be made in two ranges for a number of important parameters

  • Battery Charge Indicator

Even with significantly improved battery life, all things come to an end. The battery icon alerts you when you need to replace batteries.

  • Menu Key

Quick, simple menu navigation and selection.

  • Zero/Scroll Key

Zeros instrument during measurements, scrolls menu options during other operations.

  • Read/Enter Key

Press when measuring to read concentration directly. Also used to make menu selections during other instrument operations.

  • Power/Backlight Key

Turn instrument on, turn display backlight on (save batteries by using only when required by low light conditions).

The Pocket Colorimeter II allows user calibrations, giving you the ability to create your own calibration curve, or to perform a standard adjust. We also manufacture wavelength-specific 'generic' instruments, allowing you to enter your own methods using from two up to ten standards.

Each Pocket Colorimeter II Instrument comes complete as a ready-to-use kit that includes a reagent set (pre-measured unit dose reagents), sturdy custom carrying case, and manual.



Lamp  Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Detector  Silicon Photocell
Wavelength  Fixed wavelength1 ± 2 nm
Filter Bandwidth 15 nm
Absorbance Range  0 to 2.5 Abs
Sample Cell Pathlength: 1 cm and 22 mm  Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), backlit
Enclosure  IP67, waterproof at 1 m for 30 minutes
Operating Conditions 0 to 50 °C, 0 to 90% RH
Dimensions  3.5 x 6.1 x 15.5 cm (1.4 x 2.45 x 6.2 inches)
Net Weight  0.23 kg (0.5 lbs)
Power  4 AAA alkaline batteries, approximate battery life of 2000 tests2
Compliance  European CE Mark
Warranty  2 years
1. Wavelength varies depending on test parameter.
2. Use of backlight reduces battery life.


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