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Conductimètre de laboratoire Orion Star A112

Conductimètre de laboratoire

Fabricant :Thermo Scientific
Modèle :Orion Star A112 de Thermo Scientific

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Thermo Scientific Orion Star A112 Conductivity Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy.
A large LCD displays conductivity or TDS readings along with temperature.
Icons provide quick updates on battery life and completed calibration status.
Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with calibration and setup menu choices.


Features and Benefits
  • Large, informative screen clearly shows the main information, including conductivity or TDS reading, temperature in ºC or ºF, meter mode and power source
  • Don’t miss a reading – AUTOREAD ™ locks in the stable reading on your screen and ready indicator alerts when readings are stable
  • Selectable cell constant
  • Selectable reading reference temperatures of 20 °C or 25 °C for an accurate result
  • Included electrode arm and newly-designed holder make it easier to maintain and place probes into samples
  • Plug the meter into almost any power outlet with the included universal power adapter, or use four AA batteries (sold separately) to run the meter on DC power
  • Non-volatile memory holds up to 50 data points
  • The IP54-rated housing can handle splashes and can be wall-mounted if table space is a problem
  • 3 year meter replacement warranty


Range  0.1 μS/cm to 200 mS/cm
Resolution  0.01 μS minimum;
3 significant figures minimum
Relative Accuracy  0.5 % reading ±1 digit
Reference Temperature 20, 25 °C (default)
Temperature Compensation Linear (0.0 to 10.0 %/ºC)
Compatible Cell Constants  0.001 to 10
Number of Calibration Points  1
Range 1 to 19,999 mg/L
Resolution  4 significant digits
Relative Accuracy  0.5 % reading ±1 digit
TDS Factor Range  Linear 0.01 to 10.00, default 0.49
Range -5 to 105 °C, 23 to 221 ºF
Resolution  0.1
Relative Accuracy  ±0.1
Temperature Offset Calibration Yes
Number of Points  50
Log Function   Manual, Automatic with AUTO-READ™
Log Edit  Delete last reading or all
Number of Points 50
Log Function  Manual, Automatic
Log Edit  Delete last reading or all
Conductivity with Temperature Probe  8-pin mini-DIN
AC Adapter  Included– universal, 100-240 VAC
Battery Power  Optional– 4 AAs
Battery Life  2000 hrs


Ordering Informations
CAT. No.  Description
Meters Only
STARA1120  Orion STAR A112 Conductivity Benchtop Meter
  • Electrode arm with redesigned holder
  • Universal power adapter
STARA1125  Orion STAR A112 Conductivity Benchtop Meter Kit
  • 011050MD orion conductivity cell, K=1.0
  • 011007 conductivity standard, 1413 μS, 5x60 mL
  • Electrode arm with redesigned holder
  • Universal power adapter
STARA-BEA  Benchtop electrode arm for Orion Star A-series meters
STARA-HB  Freestanding base for use with Orion Star A-series benchtop electrode arm
011050MD  Orion 2-electrode conductivity cell, K=1.0
013016MD Orion 2-electrode conductivity cell with flow cell, K=0.1
011008  Orion conductivity standard, 100 μS/cm, 5x60 mL bottles
011007  Orion conductivity standard, 1413 μS/cm, 5x60 mL bottles
011006  Orion conductivity standard, 12.9 mS/cm, 5x60 mL bottles
1010001  Orion conductivity calibration resistor kit


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