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Senseur multi paramètres de la qualité l'eau de Greenspan

Senseur multi paramètres de la qualité l'eau de Greenspan

Modèle :MP47 et MP65

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The Greenspan MP47 and MP65 Multiparameter Sensors provide a complete self contained measurement and data logging system for a wide range of environmental water monitoring applications. The sensors provide the ability to measure single or multiple water quality parameters (up to 4 parameters on the MP47 and 6 parameters on the MP65) within the single sensor providing users the choice to select the parameters which best suits their application. 

Users have a choice of the following parameters: 

  • Pressure 
  • pH 
  • Oxygen Reduction Potential 
  • Electrical Conductivity 
  • Temperature 
  • Turbidity 
  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen 

The sensor includes an internal data logger to provide long term data collection at remote sites. The sensor can be fitted with an external cable, or with an on-board battery pack for true stand alone operation. Serial output (RS232 or RS485) in Modbus or optional SDI12 allow connection to an external data logger or process controller as well as options for remote telemetry connection. 

A durable corrosion resistant body, rugged construction utilising double “O-Ring” ensures suitability for harsh environments. The sensor comes fitted with a fully moulded polyurethane cable as standard. Other cable options are available. 

The parameters selected are available in various ranges. The pressure sensors can be supplied as either a gauge (vented) or absolute (non vented) sensor. Gauge sensors utilise the closed vent system (CVS) to provide barometric pressure venting with minimal maintenance. The MP65- 3000 is ideal for use in hydrographic and environmental water monitoring applications, including tidal and estuary monitoring. The MP47-3000 sensor uses a slimline housing suitable for groundwater monitoring. Both units are easy to configure and operate using the supplied SensorMate software. 


  • Low power usage enables long term remote operation 
  • Internal data logger for collection of data during critical events 
  • Telemetry options via mobile phone, radio and satellite 
  • SDI12 cable adaptor unit for connection into data logger or controller. 
  • Modbus RTU or ASCII 
  • RS232 or RS485/422 


  • Can be installed in active waters (acidic or salty conditions) 
  • Reliable and robust sensor ensures minimal servicing visits 
  • Suitable for marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads 
  • Easy to configure logger – quick retrieval of data using SensorMate software 
  • Graphical and tabular display – export to spreadsheet format. 
  • Stand alone operation with on board Battery Pack 
  • Various cable options for telemetry and integration applications 


  • Monitoring of streams and rivers, lakes and urban waterways 
  • Groundwater and Surface water hydrographic data collection 
  • Water supply storages, Runoff Studies, Flood Warning 
  • Tidal, estuary and oceanographic monitoring. 




Model MP47-3000 or MP65-3000 (dependent on the parameters chosen) 

Pressure Transducer Selection – Pressure sensor type – Gauge or Absolute or N/A, Sensor depth full scale range (m) 

Electrical Conductivity selection – Slimline or Standard Head, Full-scale EC range (μS/cm) Normalised, or Non-normalised, EC shroud required, Fast Response Temp Button option. 

pH – (cannot be used in combination with EC in the MP47) 

Turbidity Selection – select range (100, 400 or 1000NTU) 

Body material – Acetal or stainless steel 

Cable length (m) 

Specify battery pack or any other options. 


The Pressure sensor utilises a robust ceramic capacitance transducer for long term reliable pressure/depth sensing and a highly accurate thermistor for temperature measurement. Multi-point linearity and temperature calibration over the full operating ranges of Pressure and Temperature ensures stable, repeatable and accurate readings in the field. 


Measurement technique 

.″ Ceramic Capacitance Sensor 

Standard pressure ranges available 

Gauge 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100 m Absolute 20, 40, 75, 100 m 

Max over range 

4 times Full Scale range. 

Other ranges available 

Yes – Calibration charge may apply – refer sales office 

Overall accuracy (combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability) 

+/– 0.1% Full Scale range 

Long term stability 

0.2% full scale per annum 


Depth – 0.001 m, Temp – 0.05°C 


The pH sensor utilises a robust gel filled pH electrode together with the optical isolation and advanced signal conditioning to ensure long term accurate data. 


Measurement technique 

Gel-filled glass electrode with internal Ag/AgCl reference; Field replaceable electrode 

Sensor range 

0–14 pH 


0.001 pH 


+/– 0.2 pH 

The ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) sensor is similarly packaged and utilises a platinum electrode. Both sensors feature a field replaceable electrode to further improve long term performance and reduce maintenance costs. 


Measurement technique 

Platinum electrode with internal Ag/AgCl reference; Field replaceable electrode 

Sensor range 

–1000 mV – +1000 mV 


1 mV 


+/–2% full scale 

Electrical Conductivity sensors utilise a reliable and robust toroidal sensor for conductivity measurement and thermistor for temperature measurement. Multi-point linearity and temperature calibration over the full operating range ensures stable, repeatable and accurate readings in the field. (Note: pH cannot be used in combination with EC sensor in the MP47) 


Measurement technique 

Toroidal Conductivity 

Standard EC ranges available 

0–1000 μS/cm, 0–2000 μS/cm, 0–5000 μS/cm, 0–10000 μS/cm, 0–20000 μS/cm, 0–60000 μS/cm, 0–70000 μS/cm 

Other ranges are available 

Yes – calibration charge may apply – refer sales office 

Overall accuracy (combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability) 

+/–1% full scale range 


EC – 1 μS 

Turbidity sensors feature an integral wiper and digital filtering technology to provide long term reliable operation at remote sites where bio-fouling or sedimentation can occur. 


Measurement technique 

90° Infra-red (ISO7027) 

Standard ranges available (factory set) 

100 NTU 




–1 % full scale range 

Temperature coefficient 


Calibration standard 

APS AEPA polymer solutions 0, 100 NTU, 400 NTU, 1000 NTU 

The Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensors utilise fluorescence DO sensor technology. The sensor’s fast response allows users to capture rapid changes in DO. 


Measurement technique 

Oxygen fluorescence detection method 

Sensor range 

0–200% saturation (0–20 ppm) 




Oxygen 1% of reading or 0.02 ppm whichever is greater 

Response time 

90% of DO change within 60 seconds 


Temperature measurement technique 

Integrated precision thermistor 

Operating ranges 


Overall temperature accuracy
(combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability) 


Sensor Outputs 

Internal Data Logger – serial data via SensorMate software Optional adaptor provides SDI12 serial output (3 wire) 

Storage temperature 

–5°C – +60°C 

Cable type 

Polyurethane sheathed cable, OD 8 mm, with 3 mm vent tube, moulded entry, HS7 connector for serial connection. 

Standard cable lengths 

10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150 m (32, 65, 100, 165, 325, 490 ft) 

Non-standard cable lengths 

Yes (Extra cable moulding time may be required) 

Power supply 

8 to 30 V DC (at sensor), or on-board battery pack (option) 

Power ESD protection 

2000 volts 

Current consumption 

Sleep <0.2 mA, logging 20 mA, communicating 30 mA (consumption rates vary depending on parameters selected) 

Sensor warm-up time 

Up to 5 seconds 

On-board battery pack (option) 

Housing screws to sensor size (OD × L) 47 mm × 250 mm 

Battery capacity 

9 × Lithium AA (3.6Volt) – Total capacity 5.2 Ah @ 10.8 V 

Typical field life (battery pack) 

Over 12 months’ remote operation @ 15-minute data logging. 

Internal data logger 

Non-volatile, battery backed RAM with real time clock 

Memory size 

4 Mb capacity, with user-selectable wrap function 

Measuring units 

User definable (Metric and Imperial US units) 

Data storage 

250,000 readings. (Typically 5-minute data for >12 months) 

Logging frequency 

User selectable from 1 second up to once per day 

Dimensions (L × OD) 

*MP47 – 355 mm × 47 mm (14″ × 1.78″), MP65 – 355 mm × 65 mm (14″ × 2.5″) – Optional End Mount Batt Pack – 300 mm × 47 mm 


MP47 – 550 g plus cable weight (665 g per 10 m length) MP65 – 650 g (plus cable weight (665 g per 10 m length) 

Wetted materials 

Acetal, ceramic, 316 passivated stainless steel, polyurethane, viton 

* Variable depending on parameters chosen. Drawings show example dimensions.


• On Board Battery Pack (includes Housing and Battery Pack) 

• SDI12 Adapter (connects to end of sensor cable for serial output to logger) 

• Closed Vent System – if gauge pressure sensor selected 

• Communications Cables (serial to USB connector on laptop) 

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