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Station météorologique MK III

Station météorologique MK III

Modèle :MK III

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Following on from the popular WS-2000 weather station, we introduce the MK III. It is a wireless, solar powered weather station with new features including the wireless rain gauge and multi-display.

The MK III wireless Weather Station is easy to install and use. The roof top sensor assembly is wireless and solar powered, allowing it to operate for many years without serviceing. With a range of up to 400 feet you can place Oracle displays almost anywhere in your home or office. With the computer interface you can collect, analyse and build a data base of your local weather.

The MK III Sensor Assembly broadcasts the weather data to one or more receivers, such as the Weather Oracle® Display , Weather Oracle® MK III and the Computer Interface. This means that you can have as many displays and computer interfaces in a building as you like, using just one sensor assembly. This is great for condominiums and schools. A new feature to the MK III is the option for a wireless yard-mount rain gauge. If the rain collector ever needs cleaning, the yard mount is easily accessible.


  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Temperature
  • Inside Temperature (multi-display only)
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Rainfall
  • Relative Humidity


  • Wind Chill
  • Dew Point
  • Temperature/Heat Index (multi-display only)
  • Clock and Calendar (visible with multi-display only)
  • Min's and Max's



Wind Speed (Anemometer)
Range 0 - 150 m.p.h.; 0 - 67 meters per second; 0 - 240 Kilometers per hour; 0 - 130 Knots.
Resolution 1.0 unit.
Accuracy ± 2% of full scale.
Wind Direction
Range Oracle Display has 16 point wind rose, current direction by bright LED, and direction variation by dimmer LED's. Computer interface gives reading in degrees, 360°=North, 090°=East.
Temperature (Outside)
Range -66° to +166° F; -54° to +74° C.
Accuracy ± 1° F; ± 0.5° C.
Temperature (Inside)
Range 32° to +122° F; 0° to +50° C.
Accuracy ± 1.0° F; ± 0.5° C.
Relative Humidity
Range 0 to 100 % R.H.
Accuracy ± 2 % at 25° C. Temperature compensated from from -40° to 85°C
Dew Point
Range -40° to +140° F.
Accuracy ± 2° F, ±1.0° C.
Temperature / Heat Index
Range To 160° F, 71°C.
Accuracy ± 2.0°, ±1.0° C.
Wind Chill
Range to -127° F; to -88° C.
Accuracy ± 2° F, ±1.0° C.
Range 16.3 inches Hg. to 32 inches Hg; 551 to 1084 millibars (hPa), absolute reading. Digital offset for site altitude.
Accuracy ± 0.05 inches Hg; ± 1.69 millibars (hPa). Temperature compensated from -40° to 85°C.
Rainfall (Wired and wireless options)
Range Unlimited Tipping bucket with 8 inch diameter collector.
Resolution 0.01"; 0.25 mm.
Accuracy ± 2% at 1.0 inches per hour.
Range Range may be reduced by walls or other RF absorbing structures. Each WS-2000 system is factory tested at 433 feet through our 2 factory walls.
Frequency 418 MHz. F.C.C. approved.



The MK III Wireless Sensor Assembly, the Weather Oracle®, the Weather Oracle® MK III and the Computer Interface are guaranteed for two years. The solar panel is guaranteed for five years. A five year extended warranty is also available.



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