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Caméra thermique bi-mode

Caméra thermique bi-mode

Modèle :THC-50D

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  • Rugged, weather-resistant housing
  • Built-in covert infrared illumination
  • Instantaneously Switch Between Thermal and BW Video Camera
  • Suited for both tactical and rescue missions
  • Slim 1.9” Diameter Housing Affords Remote Access Into 2” Core Holes
  • Compatible with VisionFlex®


Sensor type Uncooled microbolometer (thermal)
Sony ExView CCD (BW)
Lux 0.005 (BW)
Thermal sensitivity <50mK
Illumination 10 IR LEDs (in BW mode)
Size 1.9” D x 6.5” L (49 mm D x 166 mm L)
Operating temp -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
IP rating/ submersibility IP66 (not submersible)
Effective distance in good ambient light 1.5ft to 330ft/.5m to 100m (thermal)
8in to 40ft/20cm to 12m (BW)
Sensor size 1/4” (BW)
Resolution 160x120 pixels (thermal)
380k NTSC / 440k PAL (BW)
Spectral response 7-14 mm (filter bandwidth)
LED wavelength 940 nm (invisible)
Weight 0.8 lbs / 0.37 kgs
Storage temp -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Runtime 1hr 20min with illumination
2hr 5min without illumination
Effective distance in complete darkness 1.5ft to 330ft/.5m to 100m (thermal)
8in to 20ft/20cm to 6m (BW)
Lens Options Model Lens Field of View (diagonal FOV)
  Thermal 5.8mm 57°
  BW 4.3mm 56°
* Add a “P” to specify the PAL (European TV standard) version (THC-50P) instead of NTSC
(North American TV Standard)

Temp Settings Cameras

Temperature Range
  Celsius Fahrenheit Color
High Range1
(typically used for fire fighting)
--- to 260° --- to 500° White
260° to 427° 500° to 800° Yellow
427° to 538° 800° to 1000° Orange
538° to 600° 1000° to 1112° Red
600° to --- 1112° to --- Red
Low Range2
(typically used for all applications other than fire fighting)
--- to 55° --- to 131° Grey
55° to 75° 131° to 167° Yellow
75° to 100° 167° to 212° Orange
100° to 230° 212° to 446° Red
230° to --- 446° to --- Grey


Model Video Format Temperature Scale Temperature Setting
THC-50D NTSC Fahrenheit High Range1
THC-50DC NTSC Celsius High Range1
THC-50DP PAL Celsius High Range1
THC-50D-L NTSC Fahrenheit Low Range2
THC50-DC-L NTSC Celsius Low Range2
THC50DP-L PAL Celsius Low Range2
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