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Etuve à air forcé

Etuve à air forcé

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Standard Features
  • Recirculating blower
  • 304 stainless steel interior
  • Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements
  • Silicone rubber door gasket
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Calibrated temperature controller
  • Manual reset excess temperature interlock
  • On-off switch
  • Red pilot light indicates heater operation
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • 6 lb/cf density industrial rockwool insulation
  • 3-wire cord and plug on 115 volt models
  • Fully factory tested
  • 1 year limited warranty


Model NB-350
Provides 7 cubic feet of work space at temperatures to 350°F. Includes two (2) removable nickel plated wire shelves easily adjustable on 2" centers. Holds a maximum of seven (7) shelves. Widely used for drying small items, preheating plastics, drying powdered metals and curing potting compounds. Double doors for easy loading of large parts.
Model NB-550
Similar to Model NB-350. Also includes two (2) shelves and will hold a maximum of seven (7) shelves. Provides over 5 cubic feet of work space at temperatures to 550°F. Ideal for high temperature processes such as annealing springs and plated parts.
Model DR-350
Specially designed for processing and drying of plastic granules, powdered metal parts and other small parts that must be separated. Eight (8) individual 304 stainless steel drawers keep parts separated and allow individual inspection or removal without opening conventional doors. This reduces heat loss and prevents process interruption. Temperatures to 350°F. Standard drawers have 3/4" diameter perforations on 1 1/4" staggered centers on bottom and sides. Solid drawers also available.


Not for use  with flammable solvents or vapors. Other models available for these applications.
Model Work Space Outside
Cu. Ft.
NB-350 28" x 24" x 18" 7 41" x 30" x 23" 350°F 2" 2000
NB-550 26" x 22" x 16" 5.3 41" x 30" x 23" 550°F 3" 2400
DR-350 8 Drawers‡ 4.8 41" x 30" x 23" 350°F 2" 2000


Model Watts Operating Characteristics † Approx
115V* 208V
Rise Time
115V 230V
NB-350 2000 2000 ±10°F ±10°F 17 min 17 min 210 lbs
NB-550 2400 3000 ±10°F ±15°F 32 min 21 min 235 lbs
DR-350 2000 2000 ±10°F ±25°F 20 min 20 min 285 lbs
* 15 lbs distributed load per shelf, 30 lb maximum oven load.


Standard Equipment
Standard Electrical Characteristics

  • 115 volts, 60 Hz, 3-wire cord with plug
  • 208 volts, 1-phase, 60 Hz
  • 230 volts, 1-phase, 60 Hz
  • Other electrical characteristics available

Standard Temperature Control Systems

Calibrated main temperature controller regulates desired oven temperature. Independent manual reset excess temperature interlock protects against failure of main temperature controller. On-off switch located on panel controls electrical power to oven. Red pilot light indicates heater operation.


Additional Equipment Available
  • Additional Shelves, 20 lbs distributed load per shelf, 40 lbs maximum oven load, specify oven model when ordering.
  • Dial Thermometer 10-290°C, 50-550°F dual scale range
    • Option T550F
  • Digital Indicating Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller.
    • Option DIG1
  • Digital Timing Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, digital indicating, incorporates 99 hour 59 minute timer. Starts timing when temperature reaches set point and shuts down oven heat at end of set time.
    • Option DTS1
  • Programmable Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, digital indicating, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller.
    • Option PTC1
  • Recording Thermometer, thermocouple actuated, 24-hour, 10" diameter circular chart requires optional Digital Controller DIG1, DTS1 or PTC1 (side mounted).
    • Option RT1
  • Adjustable Excess Temperature Interlock, thermocouple actuated, manual reset.
    • Option AETC
  • Solid State Relay, in lieu of standard contacter.
    • Option SSR
  • Shut Down Timer, with continuous "hold" feature
    • 60 minute range.
    • 12 hour range.
    • Option BTMR60
    • Option BTMR12
  • Set of Eight (8) 304 Stainless Steel Drying Pans, 11 1/2" W x 20" D x 2" H (NB Models only, requires two (2) add'l shelves).
    • Option NBPN
  • Oven Stand, raises unit to convenient 31" work level Shipped separately, requires assembly.
    • Option STNDNB
  • Exhaust Chamber Adapter, to fit standard 3" stove pipe. Shipped separately, requires assembly.  Option BEXCH
Model NB-350, including optional:

  • Roof mounted, exhaust chamber adapter
  • Drying pans and two (2) additional shelves
  • Shut down timer
  • Oven stand


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