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Balance | NewClassic Balances Biotechnology

Balance | NewClassic Balances

Product Code:MS-L

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Harsh working environments demand hard-working balances. NewClassic high capacity balances offer a winning combination of strong performance and extreme robustness, thanks to the chemical-resistant aluminum housing and Ingress Protection (IP).

The large weighing platform, battery operation and the Piece Counting application make the MS balances
perfect for taking inventory.
Durable and Robust
The metal housing protects the weighing sensor from environmental influences and impacts. For guaranteed consistency and precision year after year – even with intensive use in harsh environments.
MonoBloc and FACT
The proven high-performance weighing cell MonoBloc guarantees long service life and extreme ruggedness. FACT automatically adjusts the balance using internal weights at specific times or whenever changes in temperature affect the accuracy of the weighing results (except MS-KLIPE).
IP65 Protection
The MS-KLIPE balance fulfills the Ingress Protection IP65 meaning: it is dust tight for complete protection against any solid matter; and can withstand jets of water projected by a nozzle from any direction.
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
The built-in battery offers independence from power supply – ideal for taking inventory in a warehouse, or wherever power supply is hard to find (MS-KLIPE only).


  • Metal Housing High-grade chemical-resistant die-cast aluminum housing
  • MonoBloc Proven weighing technology for fast and accurate results (only MS-L)
  • FACT Fully automatic time- and temperature- controlled internal adjustment (only MS-L)
  • Connectivity RS232 to connect to PC, printer or bar code reader, USB to connect to PC (MS-KLIPE only RS232)
  • Large Weighing Pan For comfortable weighing of bulky items
  • Overload Protection Protects the weighing cell against excess weight overload
  • SmartTrac Shows how much of the entire weighing range has been used
  • Smart Key Programmable keys for shortcut access to preferred applications
  • OIML Approved versions of all models available
Additional Features:
  • Applications: Piece Counting, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Formulation, Statistics, Totaling, Free Factor, Recall
  • 3 programmable SmartKeys in the keypad offer direct access to preferred applications
  • The built-in date and time function enables GLP/GMP compliant print outs of weighing results, ensuring full control and traceability of research
  • Quick and error-free data transfer: RS232 port for direct connection to PC, printer or bar code reader, USB port for connection to PC via standard USB cable (MS-KLIPE only RS232)
  • Easy communication in your language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and Hungarian, etc.)
  • LabX direct balance software – simple data capture for non-regulatory applications


Model Maximum capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Weighing pan (mm)
Models with MonoBloc weighing cell
MS12001L 12200 g 0.1 g 0.1 g ±0.2 g 351 x 245
MS16001L 16200 g 0.1 g 0.1 g ±0.2 g 351 x 245
MS32001L 32200 g 0.1 g 0.1 g ±0.3 g 351 x 245
MS32000L 32200 g 1 g 0.5 g ±1 g 351 x 245
Model with strain gauge weighing cell
MS15KLIPE 15 kg 2 g 1 g ±2 g 351 x 245
MS24KLIPE 24 kg 2 g 2 g ±2 g 351 x 245
KLIPE Model: Adjustement with an external weight. These models are IP65 in-use rating against solid matter ans water


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