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Cabinet pour essai de corrosion cyclique FOGMaster

Cabinet pour essai de corrosion cyclique FOGMaster

Modèle :FOGMaster

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The FOGmaster cyclic range of Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Cabinets are designed to give complete flexibility in the simulation of real life weathering conditions.

By incorporating the versatility of Multi-environment cyclic corrosion testing these systems give the user a powerful tool in the analysis of corrosion resistance for a wide variety of sample types. With industry’s demands for more stringent testing solutions the FOGmaster cyclic gives complete compliance to all major national standards including ISO, ASTM and DIN.

  • Touch screen programmable interface
  • Continuous salt spray testing
  • Modified salt spray testing e.g.: Prohesion®
  • Condensation Humidity testing
  • Multi-environment cyclic corrosion testing
  • Temperature controlled warm air-drying
  • Rapid heating, Cooling and Drying
  • Chamber viewing window
  • Sample racks
  • Automatic & manual filling of air saturator
  • Hours Counter, to monitor and display the time
  • elapsed within a specified test cycle
  • Air purge facility to ensure salt fog is quickly & safely vented from the cabinet interior
  • Pneumatically actuated roof
  • Humidity probe for displaying %RH


450 Litre capacity
1000 Litre capacity
Siting Requirements
Floor standing
Floor standing
Nominal Capacity
450 Litres
1000 Litres
External cabinet width
1525mm / 60.0”
2125mm / 83.7”
External cabinet depth
900mm / 35.4”
1200mm / 47.2”
External cabinet height
1055mm / 41.5”
1396mm / 55.0”
Internal cabinet width
800mm / 31.5”
1250mm / 49.2”
Internal cabinet depth
645mm / 25.4”
935mm / 36.8”
Internal cabinet height
835mm / 32.9”
1175mm / 46.3"
Salt solution reservoir capacity
100 Litres
100 Litres
Removable slotted sample racks
6 racks each with 32 angled slots
8 racks each with 47 angled slots
Cabinet Temperature Range
ambient to +60°C
ambient to +60°C
Air Saturator Temperature Range
ambient to +63°C
ambient to +63°C
Cabinet Humidity Range
Up to 100% RH
Up to 100% RH
Salt Fog Fallout Rates
0.5 to 3.0ml / 80cm2 / hour
0.5 to 3.0ml / 80cm2 / hour
Approximate net weight
180kgs / 397lbs
395kgs / 871lbs



External Service Utilities
Power Requirements Single phase 220 – 240VAC, 50Hz, switched electrical supply, rated to 13 Amps for 120L & 450L models, & 16 Amps for 1000L models.
NOTE: FM113 Requires three phase power supply.
Water De-ionised or distilled for topping up the cabinet humidity system. Connection to a continuous de-ionised / distilled water supply pressurised to within the limits 0.5 – 6.0 bar (7.3 – 87 psi).
Compressed Air A clean, dry and oil free compressed air supply, pressurised between 1.4 to 6.0 bar (20 to 87 psi).
Exhaust An exhaust vent is required to an outside location to ventilate excess salt fog from the cabinet.
Drain Floor level drain is required to discharge salt fog condensate.
NOTE: This equipment is designed for internal use only, in an environment controlled to within the following limits.
Ambient Temperature +5 to +25°C (+41 to +77°F) (no icing)
Ambient Humidity 85% RH maximum (no condensation)
NOTE: The actual minimum operating temperature of the equipment will vary upon the specific ambient temperature of the environment in which it is located.



FMC450 FOGmaster cyclic 450 Litre capacity
FMC1000 FOGmaster cyclic 1000 Litre capacity
FM102 Chart Recorder. Single pen, strip chart recorder for continuously recording the cabinet temperature. NOTE: This option is not required if FM113 is ordered
FM103 Independent PT100. Provides auxiliary temperature recordings.
FM104 Entry Port. 35mm (1.4”) diameter, seal-able cabinet entry port. Allows connection to external monitoring equipment .
FM107 Internal illumination. Illuminates the interior of the cabinet.
FM109 Spares Kit. Comprises of 1 x solenoid valve, 5 x salt solution filters, 1m of peristaltic pump tube, 1 x indicator.
FM111 Reinforced False Floor. For supporting large / heavy test samples. 450 Litre models only.
FM112 Reinforced False Floor. For supporting large / heavy test samples. 1000 Litre models only.
FM113 Controlled Humidity () Enables the humidity to be set and controlled at levels lower than 100% RH. Actual humidity levels achieved are dependant upon cabinet temperature.
FM114 Chart Recorder. Two pen strip chart recorder, coupled to a temperature and humidity sensor, for continuously recording the cabinet temperature and humidity.
FM115 Wall wash down facility. Required by some CCT programs for washing down the cabinet walls automatically with water, following salt spray tests.



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