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Compteur de virages de véhicule Micro Tally-14

Compteur de virages de véhicule Micro Tally-14

Modèle :Micro Tally-14

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The MicroTally-14 is a turning movement counter primarily used to manually count vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycle movements in intersections.

However, the Microtally-14 is far more versatile than that. It can be used in nearly any tally (or counting) situation that you might have, assuming the keypad layout makes sense.

WinTally is the windows software used to download and create reports from the MicroTally-14 data.

We also have our new MicroTally-18! The only difference between the MicroTally-14 and MicroTally-18 are the number of buttons on the unit. The MicroTally-14 has 14 buttons (12 intersection, plus the A and B buttons). The MicroTally-18 has 18 buttons (12 intersection, 4 corner buttons, plus the A and B buttons).


MicroTally-14 Pictures


MicroTally-14 Specifications
Size 5.875" x 3.5" x 0.85" (14.92cm x 8.89cm x 2.16cm)
Weight (with battery) 12.8oz (363g)
Material Machined Aluminum Black Anodized
Temperature Range -20°F to 155°F (-28°C to 68°C)
Power 3.6VDC AA Lithium Battery
Battery Life Approx. 5 Years
Slide Switch On/Off
Recording Indicator Audible Beeps (if volume is off LED will flash)
Volume Control Push Button (7 volume levels, including no sound)
Number of Buttons 14
Memory 540K Flash (approx. 180,000 button presses)
Recording Method Raw Time-stamp Data
Time resolution 0.0625 seconds
Download Interface RS-232 115,200 Baud


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