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Enregistreur de tension à 4 canaux de TandD

Enregistreur de tension à 4 canaux de TandD

Modèle :MCR-4V

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TandD Multichannel Recorder MCR-4V is a 4-channel battery operated voltage data logger. Up to 4 units can be coupled together, making it possible to simultaneously measure and record up to 16 channels. Quick and precise measurements are made possible with a shortest recording interval of 2 msec, and a minimum voltage resolution of 10 µV.

Besides using a USB connection to directly send recorded data to a PC, it is possible to use an SD card to transfer data from a logger to a PC. Data can also be viewed and checked on the handy LCD display.

Application Examples
  • Measure and record data for control devices and measurement instruments in factories
  • Record signals from actinometers, anemoscopes and CO2 meters
  • Record output signals from a variety of sensors and analyzers
  • Measure voltage in electrical circuits


Coupling allows for up to 16 Channels to be Recorded Simultaneously

By coupling four units together, it is possible to simultaneously record up to 16 channels.

When the bodies of multiple units are connected, the MCR-4V at the far left side will be automatically designated as the Master and all other connected MCR-4V units will be designated as Slaves.

Group operations such as the starting and stopping recording for the connected units can only be performed via the Master. Upon the start of a group recording, the main recording settings (Recording Mode, Recording Method, 50-60Hz Filter, Recording Interval, and Recording Channel Settings) will be temporarily copied to all connected Slaves.

Runs on 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
As MCR-4V is battery operated, it is possible to measure and record even when electricity is unavailable. USB power can also be used.
Recording Interval as short as 2 msec / Resolution of 10 µV

Quick and precise measurements are made possible with a shortest recording interval of 2 msec and a minimum voltage resolution 10 µV. Select from two methods to record data: instantaneous value or average value.

The shortest possible recording interval depends upon the number of channels being used.

Number of
Shortest Possible
Recording Interval
1 ch 2 msec
2 ch 5 msec
4 ch 10 msec
Logging Capacity of 480,000 Data Readings
When recording with one channel, up to 480,000 data readings can be recorded; perfect for recording over long periods of time.
Use of SD Memory Card for Easy Data Transfer to PC

Besides using a USB connection to directly send recorded data to a PC, it is possible to use an SD memory card to transfer data from a logger to a PC.

Operation Confirmed SD Memory Cards

  Manufacturer Manufacturer Part No. Memory Size Class
Lexar LSD32GCTBNA400 32 GB 10
  • SDXC memory cards cannot be used.
  • To prevent data loss in Endless mode, it is possible to make settings to automatically export the data to be overwritten to the SD memory card each time the internal memory reaches full.
Use of Trend Graph for Checking Data in Real Time

It is possible to view data as it is measured in real time on the LCD display.

Electrical Isolation between Channels
Channel isolation makes it possible to measure signals of different potentials.
Scale and Unit Conversion
It is not only possible to view voltage measurements as they are, but also change the scale and unit of measurement for each channel for recording and viewing.
Easy Touch Panel Operation
Designed with an easy-to-use touch panel for carrying out operations such as changing various settings.
Handy Preheat Function

Save battery power by using this function to supply power only to the sensor that is being used for recording.


Measurement Channels Voltage 4ch
Input Method Scanning Method, Differential Input, Each Channel Isolated
Input Impedance Approx. 1.1 MΩ
Input Frequency DC - 100 Hz
Measurement Range ±300 mV, ±1.5 V, ±6 V, ±24 V, Auto (*1)
Absolute Maximum Input Voltage: ±50 V
Accuracy When the 50-60 Hz filter is ON, varies with the Measurement Range as follows:
  • ±300 mV : ±(0.3 % + 0.06 mV)
  • ±1.5 V : ±(0.3 % + 0.3 mV)
  • ±6 V : ±(0.3 % + 0.6 mV)
  • ±24 V : ±(0.3 % + 2.4 mV)
Auto : According to the range in use
Measurement Resolution 50-60 Hz Filter ON: 0.01 mV
50-60 Hz Filter OFF: 0.1 mV
Preheat Function Allowable Voltage Range: 3 to 24 V (external power supply)
Allowable Maximum Current: 1.0 A
Recording Method Instantaneous, Average, or Ave. Fine
Recording Interval 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 ms.
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec.
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
(The minimum interval will depend on the number of channels, measurement range,
and 50-60 Hz filter setting.)
Logging Capacity (*2) When recording 1 channel : up to 480,000 readings/ch
When recording 2 channels : up to 240,000 readings/ch
When recording 3 channels : up to 160,000 readings/ch
When recording 4 channels : up to 120,000 readings/ch
Recording Mode Endless (Overwrite the most recent data when capacity is full)
One Time (Stop recording when capacity is full)
Recording Start Method Immediate Start or Programmed Start (by individual logger or by group)
Recording Stop Trigger ON or OFF
Group Recording Up to 4 units (16 channels) can be recorded simultaneously.
LCD Display Items Measurements, Trend Graph, Battery Level, etc.
Communication Interfaces USB Communication
Communication Time Download Times for Full Data via USB
- While recording (at recording interval of 2 ms.) : Approx. 3 minutes 30 seconds
- With recording stopped: Approx. 1 minute 30 seconds
- From a slave unit: Approx. 4 minutes 30 seconds
External Memory SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card (*3)
Power AA Alkaline Battery x 2 (AA Ni-MH batteries may also be used), USB Power (5 V 250 mA)
Battery Life (*4) Approx. 4.5 to 150 days (with AA alkaline batteries)
Input Terminal /
Preheat Terminal
Screwless Terminals
< Compatible Wires >
Single Wire : φ 0.32mm to φ 0.65mm (AWG 28 - 22)
Twisted Wire : 0.08mm2 to 0.32mm2 (AWG 28 - 22), φ 0.12 mm or more in diameter
Stripping Length : 9 to 10 mm
Isolation CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, USB, and Preheat are isolated.
(Battery terminals are not isolated from the CH1-CH4 input terminals.)
CH1-CH4 Maximum Applied Voltage : ± 50 V
Electrical Isolation Resistance : 50 MΩ or more (DC ± 250 V)
Dimensions H 120 mm x W 75 mm x D 32 mm
Weight Approx. 190 g (including batteries)
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Accessories AA Alkaline Battery x 2, USB Communication Cable (US-15C), Software (CD-ROM),
Card Slot Cover, User's Manual Set (Warranty Included)
  1. When "Auto" is selected, measurement range will be automatically changed according to the voltage being measured.
  2. If the logging capacity is not filled at the end of one recording session, the logger can record up to 30 times.
  3. A memory card can be used to transfer recroded data from a logger to a PC. However, measurement data cannot be directly recorded into a memory card.
  4. Battery life varies depending upon the measurement interval and 50-60 Hz filter setting. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.




1: Input Terminal
2: Preheat Terminal
3: Coupling Lug
4: LCD Display
5: Touch Panel (touchpad and control wheel)
6: SD Memory Card Slot
7: USB Port
8: Battery Cover


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