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Instrument motorisé de mesure de l’effort nécessaire pour ouvrir et fermer les bouteilles

Instrument motorisé de mesure de l’effort nécessaire pour ouvrir et fermer les bouteilles

Modèle :Drivetork

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The DRIVETORK motorized opening torque measurement instrument is the ideal tool for production teams that have to carry out a large number of opening tests and wish to eliminate the variability linked to operators.

Many test conditions can be programmed: screwing movement, unscrewing movement, sequence screwing, and unscrewing movements, etc.

The speed is adjustable in both directions, from 1 to 20 rpm, the internal motor exerts the torque at a constant speed. The test is therefore always carried out in identical conditions. The height of the measuring head can be adjusted to take bottles from 0.5 to 8 in in height. It is fitted with small jaws that grip the cap to be tested. The torque curve is shown on the measurement display, which also calculates the maximum opening torque.
It can also be used to consecutively measure the rupture of security rings and the unscrewing torque. Ready to use system, supplied with grip fingers.


Besides having all the functions of DRIVETORK Easy, the Star version can also carry out the rupture test when the cap has a security ring.
It measures both the break (first peak) and the opening torque (max torque), and it displays the test curve.


If you would like to measure the screwing angle, the Drivetork dual can carry out a simultaneous measurement of the torque and the angle.
The curve is saved and can be downloaded on a PC.

Angle resolution 0.1°
Maximum rate 10 rpm.

Models Drivetork EAI
Drivetork STI
Drivetork EA6
Drivetork ST6
Drivetork EA10
Drivetork ST10
Torques 10 lb in 50 lb in 100 lb in
Accuracies 0.5% FS 0.5% FS 0.5% FS
Resolutions 0.001 lb in 0.005 lb in 0.01 lb in
Max Diameters 4 in 4 in 4 in
Max Heights Under Head 12 in 12 in 12 in
Max Cap Diameter 1.3 in 1.3 in 1.3 in
Rotation Speed Adjustment from 2 to 20 rpm from 2 to 20 rpm from 2 to 20 rpm
Speed Resolutions 0.1 rpm 0.1 rpm 0.1 rpm
Accuracy 5% 5% 5%
Fast Displacement Speeds 35 rpm 35 rpm 35 rpm
Rotation Angle Display in revolutions in revolutions in revolutions
Resolutions 0.1 revolution 0.1 revolution 0.1 revolution
Overall Dimensions (in, mm) 45 x 20 x 19 45 x 20 x 19 45 x 20 x 19
Weight 70 lb 70 lb 70 lb
Mains Power Supply 110V 110V 110V
Safety: internal protection from overloads, emergency stop.


All additional sensors can be used with the same display screen in order to measure different capacities with great precision. Each sensor is provided with a support stand, a SPIP connector to connect to the instrument and its calibration certificate. Available with horizontal or vertical axis.

SPIP CMH/TH 3 SPIP CMV/TH 3 2.5 lb in 0.002 lb in 3/8" female
SPIP CMH/TH 6 SPIP CMV/TH 6 50 lb in 0.005 lb in 3/8" female
SPIP CMH/TH 15 SPIP CMV/TH 15 150 lb in 0.01 lb in 3/8" female
SPIP CMH/TH 60 SPIP CMV/TH 60 500 lb in 0.05 lb in 3/8" female
SPIP CMH/TH 150 SPIP CMV/TH 150 1000 lb in 0.1 lb in 1/2" female
SPIP CMH/TH 300 SPIP CMV/TH 300 2000 lb in 0.2 lb in 1/2" female
SPIP CMH/TH 600 SPIP CMV/TH 600 4000 lb in 0.4 lb in 1/2" female
SPIP CMH/TH 1400 SPIP CMV/TH 1400 12000 lb in 1.2 lb in 1/2" female





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