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Testeur de torsion de Shimpo

Testeur de torsion de Shimpo

Modèle :Série TCT

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  • Full color LCD touch screen
  • Processes statistical calculations: CP, CPK, Sigma
  • On Screen statistics
  • On Screen torque calculator
  • On Screen graphing capability for tool performance analysis.
  • Export data directly to computer though USB or save to SD Card
  • Automatic screen rotation (level sensor fl ips screen vertically or horizontally)
  • “Quick Run” mode provides the ability to quickly audit and verify a tool
  • Metrology level “Measure mode” allows users to to establish acceptable tolerances
  • Eight available engineering units: In Ozs, In Lbs, Ft Lbs, Nm, cNm, KgCm, gfCm, Kgm
  • Li-Ion technology provides extended battery life (up to 4 hours of continuous use or 12 hours idle)
  • Dual measurement capability:
    • “Peak” mode: For use with manual, electric, pneumatic, impulse, and cordless torque controlled tools
    • “Track” Mode: For use with dial or electronic torque wrenches
  • Advanced user programmable options
    • Auto Clear, Date/Time, Peak Time , Language, Screen Brightness
  • Advanced battery saving features:
    • Sleep Mode, Backlight Timer, Automatic shutdown
  • Made in USA


Available Models
Model Number Torque Rnge (Num) Input Drive (Female)
TCT-Z-160 16.0 - 160.0 In Oz (0.057 - 1.13) 1/4” Square Drive
TCT-I-010 1.0 - 10.0 In Lb (0.057 - 1.13) 1/4” Square Drive
TCT-I-025 2.5 - 25 In Lb (0.28 - 2.82) 1/4” Square Drive
TCT-I-100 10.0 - 100.0 In Lb (0.57 - 11.30) 1/4” Square Drive
TCT-I-250 25.0 - 250.0 In Lb (2.83 - 56.49) 3/8” Square Drive
TCT-F-100** 10.0 - 100.0 Ft Lb (13.55 - 135.58) 1/2” Square Drive


Optional Equipment
TCT-USBMB-6  6 Ft Male to Male Mini USB “B”
TCT-SD-512MB 512 Mb SD Memory Card
TCT-SD-1G  1 G SD Memory Card
TCT-CASE  Storage / Carrying Case
TCT-BM Bench Mount Bracket
TCT-UPA-5VDC Universal Power Adapter


  • ±0.5% of reading from 10% to 100% of full scale
  • ±1.0% of reading from 5% to <10% of full scale
Battery Life 12 hours Idle or 4 hours of continuous use
Data Analysis CP, CPK, Sigma
Dimensions 9” (L) x 4” (W) x 3.125” (H)
Housing Contruction Aluminum
Measure Modes Peak, Track
Outputs  Optional: SD Card Slot or USB (Mini B)
Overload 150% of full scale (display shows “Overload” at 110%
and above)
  • AC or Lithium Ion (Rechargable). 5V DC input power (1000 mA). Advanced Battery Management System.
  • Warns with a low battery indicator and then will power off the gauge.
Units of Measure 8 (In Ozs, In Lbs, Ft Lbs, Nm, cNm, KgCm, gfCm, Kgm)
Warranty  2 Years (See warranty policy for details)
Weight 6 Lbs (Approx)


Standard Equipment
TCT-500-I-RDK  0.5 - 500 In Lb Rundown Adapter Kit
TCT-PWD-ADP  5V DC (1A) Power Adapter (115V AC)
TCT-UM User Manual


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