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Mélangeurs BDC

Mélangeurs BDC

Fabricant :Caframo
Modèle :BDC1850

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Our BDC Stirrers can handle high volume / high viscosity stirring as easily as dispersing and homogenizing. The heart of the BDC line is the high performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motor. A unique two speed transmission transfers the motor's power to the chuck at up to 95% efficiency, providing incredible amounts of power.

  • Three models offering a wide range of speed/torque capabilities.
  • Constant torque! As the stirrer's load increases an internal closed loop feed back circuit directs more current to the stirrer's motor.
  • Two speed ranges. Low speed range offers 5 times the torque as the high speed range
  • Sparkless, fully enclosed brushless DC motor with sealed ball bearings.
  • Adjustable chuck accepting up to 10.1mm shafts.
  • Single hollow stainless spindle.


  BDC1850 BDC3030 BDC6015
Power 115V 60Hz , 150W 115V 60Hz , 150W 115V 60Hz , 150W
Speed/Torque in
Range 1
12-360 rpm/50 in-lbs. 20-600 rpm/30 in-lbs. 40-1200 rpm/15 in-lbs.
Speed/Torque in
Range 2
360-1800 rpm/10 in-lbs. 600-3000 rpm/6 in-lbs. 1200-6000 rpm/3 in-lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 20x9.5x23 cm,
20x9.5x23 cm,
20x9.5x23 cm,
Weight 5 kg , 11 lbs. 5 kg , 11 lbs. 5 kg , 11 lbs.
Approvals CSA CSA CSA


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