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Plaques chauffantes avec dessus en céramique 7x7

Plaques chauffantes avec dessus en céramique 7x7

Fabricant :Thermo Scientific
Modèle :Cimarec

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  • Flashing digital warning system - for ultimate safety on hot plate models
  • Easy to read digital temperature settings, adjustable and repeatable
  • Stable, low-profile design
  • Seamless reflective white ceramic top, alkali/acid resistant
  • High-wattage heating element for faster boiling
  • Microprocessor feedback speed control
  • Strong magnetic coupling
  • Integral ring-stand holder
  • Detachable cord


Of course you think about safety in the lab. All the time. But with Cimarec® hot plates, you'll have one less safety issue to worry about. Cimarec's unique hot-surface alert system protects you and your staff from burns. The red "CAUTION! HOT TOP" alert illuminates when the temperature is heated above 50°C.

When the heat is turned off, the digital display flashes "Hot" "Off" until the heating surface has cooled to below 50°C. And Cimarec's solid, low-profile design provides stability and reduces chances for tipping and spilling. In addition, the smooth, seamless ceramic top allow for easier cleaning and an alkali/acid-resistant surface.

Cimarec plates heat up fast. Beacause of higher wattage, this unit brings liquids to a boil quicker than others. Yet it's more than fast. Featuring a large digital display that is both easy-to-read and precise, Cimarec temperature settings are adjustable in 5° incements - from 5° up to 540°C, depending on the model.

Temperature settings are consistent, repeatable, and accurate, due to optimized microprocessor-controlled feedback. 


Cat. No. Description
  Model Electrical
Stir Range Temp. Range Shipping
HP131225Q Hot plate 120V, 8.6A, 1040W N/A 5-540°C
9.2 lb (4.2kg)


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