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Thermomètre enregistreur avec affichage graphique

Thermomètre enregistreur avec affichage graphique

Modèle :EL-EnviroPad-TC

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  • Temperature °C or °F
  • Supplied with K type probe
  • Graphing
  • Two modes: ‘Data Logging’ or "Spot Measurement"
  • High & Low Alarms
  • 2.8” colour touch screen
  • Compatible with thermocouples type J, K, N & T
  • Downloadable data via USB
  • Internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Date & time function
  • Sounder
  • Removable protective boot for increased durability
It has two functions "Data Logging" and "Spot Measurement"
  1. When in ‘Data Logging’ mode it can be set up and left to take temperature readings at pre-determined intervals for a desired length of time. All readings are saved to a file with a date and time stamp in CSV format for up to 65,536 readings.
  2. When in ‘Spot Measurement’ mode the unit can be used as a thermometer to capture one-off temperature readings displayed on screen. This can be repeated for up to 65,536 readings per file.
This data can then be downloaded to PC via a USB connection and opened with Microsoft Excel® or our EasyLog software which is available for free from www.easylogusb.com.

The unit is compatible with any J, K, N and T type thermocouple probes. The protective boot can be removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.



  MInimum Typical Maximum Unit
USB supply voltage 4.5v - 5.5v V d.c.
Internal resolution - 0.1 - °C
Data recording capacity (per recording)   - 65536 readings
Hand unit operating temperature range 0 (+32) - +50 (+122) °C (°F)
Operating time (on a single charge) 8 24* ** hrs
Displayable temperature (dependant on probe) -100 -80 to +1200 +9999 °C
Storage capacity - - 100 files
* Typical use: 1min recording rate & power-save
** Depends on recording settings
Warning - Do not exceed operating temperatures



  • Battery: rechargeable via USB connection
  • LCD: colour TFT touch-screen
  • Integrated memory for logged data
  • Single front-panel push-button used for power-switch. Single press=ON, press & hold=OFF.
  • 1x thermocouple connector (top of unit)
  • 1x micro USB Type B (bottom of unit) for connection of unit to PC via USB cable supplied.
  • Thermocouple probe: class 1 tolerance, 316 stainless steel probe
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Themocouple Type: K



  Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Probe Temperature Accuracy - +/- 1.5 - °C
Probe Temperature Range* -180 - +1300 °C
Handle Temperature Range -10 - +125 °C
* Short term measurement


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