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...for elevated temperature testing of hot melts, asphalt, wax, polymers & more
With standard Brookfield Viscometers and DV-III Ultra Rheometersa
Note: requires optional cable DVP-141
Temperature Ramping
Between set points is possible if used with Rheocalc (DV-III Ultra & DV-II+Pro) Software
Note: Requires optional cable HT-106
Provides control
Of sample temperature up to +300°C
Thermo Container
(Heating Chamber)
Programmable Temperature Controller
Offers single set point or up to 10 programmable set points.
Extracting Tool enables the sample chamber to be handled easily
and safely.
Alignment Bracket ensures concentricity of spindle
and sample chamber.
Other components supplied include sample chamber holder, RTD probe, insulating cap, coupling link, coupling nut and choice
of SC4 spindle.

What’s Included?
  • Choice of one SC4 Spindle
  • Specify when ordering
  • Alignment Bracket
  • Thermo Container with safety guard and insulating cap
  • 1 Removable Sample Chamber
  • 5 Disposable Sample Chambers
  • Order additional chambers in quantities of 100, HT-2DB-100
  • Extracting Tools
  • Temperature Controller with an RTD probe



Option: Disposable Sample Chamber with optional
Disposable Spindle SC4-27D is ideal for asphalts or any difficult-to-clean material.
Order disposable SC4-27D spindle in quantities of 100, Part No. SC4-27D-100.
Requires special chuck/closer, Part No. SC4-DSY, for attachment to viscometer.
Order disposable HT-2DB chambers in quantities of 100, Part No. HT-2DB-100.




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