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Agitateurs à hélices

Agitateurs à hélices

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We offers a complete line of pilot plant and small commercial-size propeller agitators for slurry applications in the mineral and chemical process industries. These units are specifically designed for leaching, dissolution, reactors, gas diffusion, storage, scrubbing and other conditioning. Agitator mechanism consists of a heavy shaft with self aligning bearings, an axial flow propeller sized for tank conditions, V-belt drive for 345 RPM, and TEFC motor. Motor power depends on application. Wetted parts of both the agitator and the tank are available in mild steel, stainless steel, or rubber and other elastomer coatings. Tanks have four baffles and, due to the flow pattern requiered to suspended slurry particles, a wear plate is installed on tank floor. Options include sloped bottom tanks; and for the fastest settling slurries, a draft tube. Mixer and tank completely assembled.

Cat. No. Tank Size (Dia. x  Haut.) Volume (gal)
080C-060 12" x 15" 7
080C-061 18" x 24" 26
080C-062 24" x 27" 52
080C-063 36" x 42" 238
080C-064 48" x 54" 423


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