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Distributeur autopropulsé

Distributeur autopropulsé

Modèle :309-SP, 308-SP, 1008-SP

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  • Maximum feed capacity to 9,800 GPM
  • Revolving tank lined with rubber or abrasion resistant steel
  • Drive train includes heavy-duty thrust & radial bearing design
  • Splitting tank lined with rubber, ceramic or A.R. steel
  • Splash covers available
  • Adjustable elbows for revolving tank rpm
  • Custom models available
The Self-Propelled Feed Distributors are designed to accurately divide a stream of pulp into a predetermined number of parts that are quantitatively and qualitative equal. These distributors are ideal for feeding a battery of Deister mineral concentrating tables or other processing devices.


Inexpensive means to accurately split a slurry stream quantitatively and qualitatively.


Convertisseur d'unités