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Echantillonneur de béton en ligne pour camion

Echantillonneur de béton en ligne pour camion

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Our new Cement Sampler Coupler (CSC) will speed up the cement and fly ash sampling process from trucks and silos. CSC randomly pulls representative samples of cement or fly ash as it is being transferred between the silo and the truck. Now the entire load is sampled - not just one segment. Patent pending.

The Cement Sampler Coupler (CSC) as it comes in the storage case. The unit includes the following equipment:
  1. CSC with 4” couplers.
  2. Cement sample container
  3. Two 4” to 5” hose adapters (1Female, 1Male)
  4. Rubber mallet
  5. 4” Pipe Brush
  6. 1” Pipe Brush
  7. Manual



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