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Elément chauffant - Circulateur

Elément chauffant - Circulateur

Modèle :

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  • Analog controller with proportional temperature control and low liquid safety.
  • Suitable for use with any tank or jar-style bath to create a highly accurate constant temperature circulating system from 5°C above ambient to 100ÅãC.
  • Minimum immersion depth 3" (8cm), maximum immersion depth 7" (17cm). Clamp-on style fits up to 1-3/16" (3cm) wall thickness, or rod type lab stand.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Two-speed (7 or 15 liters/min.) pump minimizes turbulence in small tanks, maintains greater uniformity in large tanks.


Information / Specifications
  • Adjustable flow director accepts 1/2" (13mm) ID tubing for external circulation.
  • Includes thermometer. 6 x 5 x 13" (152 x 127 x 330mm).
  • Shipping wt. 10 lbs (4.5kg)


Cat. No. Description
HU2988-000 Heater/Circulator


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