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Unité de distillation standard

Unité de distillation standard

Modèle :PAM v2 Orbis (maîtresse ou asservie)

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Orbis offers you the newest developments within the ASTM D86 method: automated atmospheric distillation for distillation range 0 – 400 °C ASTM-0-450 °C.

After 30 years of experience in research, development and production of innovative laboratory instruments for the petroleum industry we introduce the PAM v2 unit, superseding the precision of ASTM D86.

The PAM v2 offers you the possibility to connect multiple distillation slave units to one master unit wireless controlled by an IPAD.

Features No.1:
  • Status screen provides information about the current status of the sample
  • Wireless control of single – or multiple units
  • Add custom points to your distillation, even after finishing the distillation
Features No.2:
  • The FBP graph provides information about the final boiling point.
  • Reference material database is included
  • Change parameters before , during and after distillation
Features No.3:
  • Report screen provides all information about the results of the distillation
  • User accounts and access levels
  • Multiple language support


  • Orbis Volume Scanner (precise volume measurement at the bottom of meniscus)
  • Orbis Auto receiver Calibration (Automatically calibrates the volume on the used receiver at each distillation start)
  • Orbis Auto Calibration-Probe (temperature probe identifies itself and provides calibration data to distillation unit)
  • Orbis Automatic residue determination
  • Orbis Automatic final heat adjustment
  • The Orbis Pam v2 distillation unit is the final result of the Orbis basic line distillation units.
  • Manual interaction possibility while
  • test is running.
  • New 20% energy saving heater design also used for heavy products. No heater boost required!
  • Built in self diagnostic.


New features
  • Time saving by using our automatic inheat feature for unknown samples or heavy oils. Unit will automatically inheat the sample.
  • Well devised and successfully tested unique details of PAM v2 unit besides all the other well known functions of today’s automatic distillation equipment are for instance our new developed revolutionary Volume-Scan System. The volume scan is accurately measuring the true recovered volume at the bottom line of the meniscus, eliminating volume measurement errors.
  • Automatic calibration of the volume measuring system is performed before each distillation starts.
  • Automatic residue determination
  • Automatic final heat adjustment
  • Orbis Bv also reinvented the temperature probe. Our so called Auto Cal-Probe is automatically detected by the PAM v2 distillation unit and identified with an unique ID number.
  • No use of compressor driven cooling machine requiring liquid refills but electronic Peltier elements. The Peltier elements used for cooling the condenser tube and receiver compartment has not only proven reliable operation in our PAM v2 but is widely known as the preferred technique.
  • No use of a stopper motor driven ml follower but electronic volume scanning device without any moving parts


User interface  Via Orbis DistPad app on Apple iPad 3
Distillation Range  0-400°C ASTM - 0-450°C Absolute
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 65 cm (wxdxh)
Weight  25kg (approx)
Voltage  100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power 1.2KW


1.2 Applicable Test methods
  • ASTM D86, D1078, D850, E123, IP195, IP191, IP123, DIN51751,
  • NFM07-002, EN ISO 3405, JIS K2254
  • ISO918, BS2000 Parts 123, 191, 195, BS 7392,
  • 10% residue for carbon residue measurement, Gasoline
  • E10, E15 & E20 samples.


Article numbers  Description
PAM v2
9108200  Orbis standard PAM v2 distillation Slave unit
9108201  Orbis standard PAM v2 distillation Master unit
Optional accessories
9008210  Option PAM Automatic Fire extinguisher module
Starter sets
9108226  PAM v2 distillation starter set ASTM D86
9108228  PAM v2 distillation starter set ASTM D86 incl. auto dry point
9108223  PAM v2 distillation starter set ASTM D1078 /850 incl. auto dry point
9108225  PAM v2 distillation starter set ASTM D86 &ASTM D1078/850 incl. auto dry point
9108224  PAM v2 distillation starter set ASTM D86 + D86 incl. auto dry point & ASTM D1078/850 incl. auto dry point
Consumable sets
9108234  1 Year Spare parts and Consumable Set (ASTM D86)
9108232  1 year spare parts and consumable set ASTM D86 * straight neck*
9108233  1 year spare parts and consumable set ASTM D86 incl. D86 auto dry point
9108229 1 Year Spare parts and consumable Set (ASTM D1078 / D850 incl. auto Dry point)
9108230  1 year spare parts and consumable set ASTM D86 & ASTM D1078/850 incl auto dry point
9108231  1 Year Spare parts and consumable Set (ASTM D86 + D86 auto Drypoint) & (ASTM D1078 / D850 incl. auto Dry point)


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