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Bouteille à densité variée

Bouteille à densité variée

Modèle :ASTM D854 & AASHTO T100

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Specific Gravity Bottles (Pycnometers) - Adjusted bottle for routine commercial testing, fitted with ground-in perforated stopper. Capillary vent stopper design allows stopper to be inserted to fixed depth in the bottle's neck. Small hole in center of stopper allows emission of air and surplus water. Volume of the bottle has been adjusted at 20°C. Comply with ASTM D854; AASHTO T100.


P/N   Name
HU3385-000 Specific Gravity Bottle – 25ml
HU3386-000 Specific Gravity Bottle – 50ml
HU3387-000 Specific Gravity Bottle – 100ml


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