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Bouteille "Hubbard"

Modèle :ASTM D70, D115, D2343 & AASHTO T228, T43

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Specific Gravity Bottle Hubbard 24ml
Hubbard-form 24ml bottle for determination of specific gravity of semi-solid bituminous materials, asphalt cements, soft tar pitches and emulsions. Features ground-in stopper with 1.6mm hole. Meets ASTM D70, D115, D1963; AASHTO T228.
Specific Gravity Bottle Hubbard-Carmick
Modified 24ml, wide-mouth Hubbard-Carmick, Erlenmeyer-style bottle allows easy filling and cleaning and is very stable. Complies with ASTM D70, D115, D2343; AASHTO T228, T43


Cat. No. Description
HU2640-000 Bouteille Hubbard de 24ml
HU2660-000 Bouteille Hubbard-Carmick de 24ml


Etiquettes : Bouteille, "Hubbard"

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