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Ensemble de tarières (tubes) d'échantillonnage des sols

Ensemble de tarières (tubes) d'échantillonnage des sols

Fabricant :AMS
Modèle :

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Soil sampling auger tube sets are helpful and functional for agricultural and other soil-testing procedures. Components are steel and plated to resist abrasive action of soil. Parts have graduation marks every 6" (152mm) to indicate sampling depth. Includes 1-1/4" (25mm) dia. by 12-1/2" (318mm) long auger, 1" (approx. 25mm) O.D. by 12-1/2 (318mm) long sampling tube, two 12" (305mm) extension rods, handle and a 13" (330mm) long carrying case.

Shipping weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

H-4268 Auger tube set.


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