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Déflectomètre léger Essais sur matériaux

Déflectomètre léger

Modèle :LWD - ZFG 3.0

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New Light Weight Deflectometer Calibration report of ZFG 3.0 series for quality and reliability in road and railway construction.



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To determine the load-bearing capacity and compaction of soils in accordance
with German regulations TP BF-StB Part B8.3


Test Specifications

Regulations and Contract conditions of Dynamic Load Plat Test.

  • ASTM E2835
  • TP BF-StB Teil B 8.3
  • ZTVE-StB 09
  • NGT 39
  • RIL 836 Deutsche Bahn AG
  • RVS 08.03.04 März 2008 (Austrian test specication)
  • RVS 08.03.04 März 2008 (Spanish test specication)




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