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Appareil pneumatique de coupe d'échantillons

Appareil pneumatique de coupe d'échantillons

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The pneumatic sample cutter is available in 4, 5 or 6 in. diameter bore cylinders, provide 1250, 1960 and 2825 lbs of force (respectively) at 100 psi; to easily cut through multiple fabric layers, using fewer standard fiber cutter pads tan the manual cutter. Ejection device removes samples from the cutting die.

Completely air operated - no wiring required. Two hand control for safety and regulator filter. OSHA approved air supply shut off valve can be locked in «OFF» position. Six models to choose from. Special die shapes and sizes available.

JAKSASD692-3 5 in. Non-rotating cylinder
JAKSASD692-4 5 in. Rotating cylinder
JAKSASD692-5 6 in. Non-rotating cylinder
JAKSASD692-6 6 in. Rotating cylinder


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