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Unité de séparation sélective des minéraux par gravité

Unité de séparation sélective des minéraux par gravité

Modèle :J-001

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Design - Applications
The “Selective Mineral Jig is designed for the recovery minerals and other heavy industrial products by employing the proven, inexpensive basic laws of gravity to effect concentration. The mineral jig operates on the principle of hindered settling and is effective where there is a differential in the settling rate of the solids treated. Typical applications include the recovery of gold and silver from placer or hard rock deposits, diamonds, other precious metals, zinc, lead, fluorspar, chrome, black sands, magnetite, ilmenite, etc.

It is ideal for installation in grinding circuits treating rod or ball mill discharge ahead of classification. In this application, the mineral jig removes the heavy mineral as soon as it is liberated and thus prevents losses due to overgrinding.


  • Designed to treat minus 3116” x 0” unclassified feed material. Available as a simplex or duplex unit.
  • The rotating water valve (illustrated above) results in a highly selective product. The principle of the rotating water valve is that water is added to the hutch only on the upstroke of the diaphragm. Thus, the jig bed is subjected to upward pulsations only. Therefore, gravity separation is effected by the true hindered settling principle as the “suction” effect on the material in the feed compartment is diminished. This results in a more selective higher grade hutch product.
  • Rotating water valve also reduces water requirements and thereby dilution. This is important from a water cost standpoint and from a dilution standpoint in applications where the unit is installed in a closed circuit grinding classification circuit
  • Sum compartments are hydraulically sealed. This eliminates packing and cementation and allows for easy screen box removal and maintenance. This is important as screen boxes must be removed for cleaning.


  • Units are available as simplex, duplex, right (as shown) or left hand.
  • Welded steel hutch with support legs to position hutch discharge approximately 12" from ground level.
  • Units are standard with removable, hydraulically sealed screen boxes. Quinn removable screen boxes are provided with integral feed, transition and discharge launders and sealed in tank on a rubber gasket. Thus, slurry cannot enter, compact or cement between the screen box and tank wall. Result: Boxes are easily removed.
  • 2mm and 3mrn tapered wedge bar bedding screens are available.
  • Trash screen of mild steel is included.
  • Diaphragms are of rubber compound and are held in place by heavy steel clamp rings and bolts on close centers to prevent leakage.
  • Eccentric uses a heavy duty roller bearing and is adjustable between 0 to 1".
  • Drive hearings are heavy duty self aligning pillow block bearings.
  • Rocker arm bearings are bronze bushed, grease lubricated.
  • Rotating water valve is chain driven with an elastomeric chain tensioner and an adjustable position bronze bushed sprocket to allow for adjustment of timing. Piping to hutch compartments is included.
  • Balance flywheel is grooved for v-belt drive.
  • All units provided with variable pitch v-belt drive.
  • Units include OSHA type drive and rotating water valve chain guards.
  • All hutch compartments are fabricated in heavy steel plate to prevent the "oil can effect" in operation.
  • Unit is primed with Rustoleum and finished in green enamel.
  • Units are shipped completely assembled to minimize field installation costs.

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