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Écho sondeur marin 320Mc de Knudsen

Écho sondeur marin 320Mc de Knudsen

Modèle :320Mc de Knudsen

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The original 320M - well known and respected for its outstanding performance and longevity in the survey market - now has even more to offer to the research community following a complete technology refresh. With twice as much power, and the addition of chirp and correlation processing features, the new 320Mc joins the Chirp series of next generation Knudsen products for sub-bottom, ocean research applications. As well as all standard features of the Chirp series, the new 320Mc also provides a standard built-in 32 grayscale printer equipped with built-in system computer and SounderSuite Software to allow display/control and collection of all data records both internally and on other network computers.

SounderSuite-USB Software

  • Windows Vista, XP and 2000 compatible
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Postsurvey Display and Printing Software
  • Large Digitized Depth Display

ISO9001 Certified
Made in Canada


  • Frequency Agile, 3.5kHz to 210kHz
  • Chirp and Correlation Processing
  • Higher Transmit Power
  • Longer Pulse Lengths
  • SEG-Y Data Recording
  • Transmit Signal Generation Control
  • Advanced Digital Filter Control
Available Channels
2 channels
All channels: 3.5kHz - 210kHz
Output Power
• Up to 1kW on Channel 1
• Up to 2kW on Channel 2
Input Power
12 - 30 VDC
Pulse Length
Up to 64ms
• Manual, automatic (AGC), and time varied (TVG)
• 96db range of programmable analog gain
5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000
Manual and automatic (up to 50% overlaps)
Meters, Feet, or Fathoms
• 1cm (0-99.99), 1dm(100-999.9), 1m (>1000)
• 1/100ft (0-99.99), 1/10ft (100-999.9), 1ft (>1000)
• 1/100fm (0-99.99), 1/10fm (100-999.9), 1fm (>1000)
Sound Velocity
• 1300 - 1800 m/s Resolution 1m/s
• 4265 - 5906 ft/s Resolution 1ft/s
• 710 - 984 fm/s Resolution 1 fm/s
• 0-100m Resolution 1cm
• 0-328ft Resolution 0.01ft
• 0-54fmResolution 0.01fm
Printer Specifications
• 32 greyscale, 203DPI thermal printhead
• 21 cmpaper height
• Paper advance control
• USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
• 2 x RS-232, 1x RS-232/422a/485
• DVI (LCD connection)
• Ethernet interface
Output Data
• Full resolution envelope data in KEB binary format and
XTF (for sidescan only)
• Industry standard SEG-Y in 16-bit fixed point in user
selected raw, filtered, or envelope detected form
• User configurable ASCII digital depth strings
Data Storage
• Internal 16GB (min) Solid State Disk
• Minimum 1 month continuous echogram record
419 mm (16.5") x 355mm(14") x 241mm (9.5")
16kg (35lbs)
• Bulkhead or 19" rack mountable
• Interchangeable connector panel location
Operating Temperature
0 - 50 oC
Additional Features
• Frequency agility on all channels
• Chirp and correlation processing
• Transmit signal generation control
• Advanced digital filter control
• Built-in drivers for all popular GPS
• Built-in test signal generator
• Compatiblewith industry standard dataloggers and
processing software (Hypack, QINSy, SonarWiz)
• Heave compensated echogram
• Sidescan option
• Network option for multiple PC operation
• Remote Display Indicators
• EchoSim Sonar Signal Simulator


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