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CMT COGO CAD® Windows Géomatique


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CMT COGO CAD® is a unique Windows® based Coordinate Geometry and Mapping software package. CMT COGO CAD combines proven traditional coordinate geometry with the power and versatility of GIS (Geographic Information System) functions. This combination allows you to "Survey the GIS Way", while you take advantage of established COGO concepts such as curve generation, spiral design, station & offset, road layout and more.

CMT COGO CAD®: Advantages over standard COGO packages:

  • GIS Functions such as 4-layer Labeling and AutoLine.
  • Support of GIS data: coordinate positions with Feature, Attribute and Value
  • Support of both Total Station and GPS data
  • Universal Input and Output capabily: AutoCAD DXF, Lietz, SC-5, PC5L-SPII, TDS, MC-GPS, Leica MX8600, SA
  • Support of CMT's PC-GMP and interface with ESRI Shape file, ASCII, Microsoft Excel, MS OLE, and MS ODBC

CMT CogoCAD will save you time and make you money:

  1. Map generation is clear and well organized.
  2. Your survey data is more valuable and more useful in the GIS format.
  3. You can convert your historical survey data into a GIS format compatible with utility and government requirements.


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