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CMT contour et volume pour Windows Géomatique

CMT contour et volume pour Windows

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CONTOUR/VOLUME is a powerful, user-friendly software tool for analyzing spatial data.
CONTOUR/VOLUME allows you to visualize and analyze your spatial data in a 2 or 3 dimensional format in Windows.

CONTOUR/VOLUME gives you the power to:

  • Create Contour Maps based on a original data point file.
  • Display and plot your GPS data in a 3-Dimensional grid surface.
  • Compute Cut and Fill Volumes for user defined areas.
  • Display Contour Maps "layered" under or above the 3D grid surface.


Exchange data seamlessly between CONTOUR and our GPS Mapping program:
Run CONTOUR/VOLUME as an application of PC-GPS and exploit the full power of PC-GPS mapping utilities with your new Contour Maps! CONTOUR/VOLUME can be run as a standalone or as part of a complete package with PC-GPS.



Exchange data seamlessly between CONTOUR and our Coordinate Geometry software:
Data from CMT CogoCAD can be used to build your Contour Maps.



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