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Binoculaire avec compas LRB 4000 CI

Binoculaire avec compas LRB 4000 CI

Modèle :LRB 4000 CI

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LRB 4000CI combines excellent optics with the latest advanced technology. It allows you to observe distant objects with great image quality plus it measures distance to the object, its speed, elevation, height, and azimuth - all in one! You choose your needed set of parameters and get them at the same time. Aim and click - and you know all what you want about your target. 

Computer output allows immediate data acquisition by any system with standard RS-232 interface. The device has gating capability and variable logic of target selection.


Product Features
  • Computer output (RS-232)
  • Reticle selection (cross or rectangular)
  • Laser active indicator
  • Target quality indicator 
  • Gating capability 
  • First, last and best target
    selection logic
  • Instant and accurate distance measurement (Meters, Yards) 
  • Azimuth (Compass) function
    (Degrees, Mils) 
  • Elevation (Inclinometer) function (Degrees, Mils)
  • Last 10 readings recall 
  • Speed measurement function
    (KMH, MPH)
Optional NVS 14 attached



Measuring range, m 20 -4,000
Magnification 7
Field of view
Objective lens, mm 40
Accuracy, m ± 1
Speed detection YES
Azimuth (Compass) function YES
Elevation (Inclinometer) function YES
Battery 9 V
Dimensions, mm 158x45x69
Weight, kg 1.300




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